On Thursday 23 June, Britain will take the massive decision to remain in or leave the EU. Sadly, many feel that much of that debate so far has been an alienating squabble between different factions of the Tory Party. But this isn't their referendum, it's your referendum.

That's why Momentum and Another Europe is Possible, who support a progressive Remain vote, have created #YourReferendum, a crowdsourced, online platform for campaigning and organising tools to take the debate out of Westminster and into our communities.

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This is a space for your ideas: what do you think referendum campaigners should be doing? You can upvote your favourite ideas below, or add your own.

'Open air hustings', talking to people in a public space about the referendum.

Post leaflets through doors with a mobile number on it so they can call an activist if they're undecided and need more info

organise a 'Vote In' flashmob - everyone has 'Vote In' cards in their hands

Focus on Irish voters like myself, who have the right to vote in the referendum.

Put a poster in your window and talk to anyone who will listen

flyer distribution outside places of entertainment (gigs, cinemas etc.)

London is Europe - voices from Euro diaspora

Pub quiz with questions about Europe, it's history including EU, and mythbusting facts on immigration for example. A bit of fun!

lunchtime discussion group at work

Send letters to the local newspapers letters pages.

remind people of the suffering of Suffragettes and the working men who fought for their right to participate in the democratic process

Today I've had some success asking people if they have decided which way to vote and would they like details of a couple of useful websites

As well as 'Labour In' there is also 'Greener In'. Work together - there's strength in numbers!

As a British Venezuelan, I vote to remain because I believe in a social cohesion among nations, beyond states , beyond markets

Post-it notes with messages that subtly support the Remain case

Street stall for distributing leaflets from in my local area

I'm countering Leave claims in local newspapers/FB & posting positives about EU social protection & reform

Be proud of what Britain has done and can do in Europe and share this with emotive and inclusive words.

We need to hold teach-ins in order to be able to think on our feet to the media and to those who say they are confused about the debate

"Gentle campaigning". Address community groups, mother and baby groups and allow questions to be raised in a non-confrontational way

Upload meetings onto YouTube to spread your message.

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